Regulation Guidons

We can frame your guidon or recreate one for you in-house. We hand-sew each guidon onto the mat so that it will become a lasting momento and we will custom design each frame to incorporate all necessary items for the award.

They start out white and red but Iraq dust must turn them this color.

When the original guidon is already given to the commander, we can make replicas for another award.

One of my favorite customers, a cav officer just back from Iraq. A real class act and gung ho soldier.

This couple had a duplicate made of this, one for each!

There were 15 plates total for this piece, 13 sublimated flag plates across the bottom, the script plate with sublimated images plus we recreated their image on a plate above the script plate.

A guidon in a shadowbox to incorporate the spurs, calvary always has spurs!

This is an example of a single sided quidon replica, the original one having be awarded to the commander. We hand sew all full and single guidons down to the mat for permanent fit.

This is our largest regulation frame so far, just a print included for extra effect plus coins, rank, etc. It took two of them to carry it.