Customized Gifts

Yes, this is the hood ornament from a car. We never ask, we just do what the customer wants. This photo was taken before the custom plate and the glass were added. It was photographed on its side so imagine it with the domed V groove facing up.

This customer ordered a custom framed print that we created emphasizing the recipients service during the D Day invasion. She also requested a custom plate on a wooden plaque and a custom designed sublislate award for a member of the MP service.

Yes, we can custom design a tie for you or your organization!

This is a laser etched flask created with the customers specific design request.

Yes, this skull came to us in a box, we painted it as requested by the customer and mounted it on a plaque with a plate. We never ask, we just do what the customer requests.

This was tricky, cutting the canister in half and then mounting it to a wooden plaque. A unique gift for sure.

What ever the customer wants, we make it happen.

Believe it or not, this is a very common award.

We are sure there is a hidden meaning in this award, but the customer is always right!

The unit motto is Allons, which translates into Lets Go. Our interpretation makes more sense for the onesie.

Our sublimatable products allow us to create your perfect design in our graphics software and then apply it to your garment.